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Changes to Adaptive Behavior Assessment and Treatment Codes Presented at February 2017 CPT Meeting 

BABAT’s Professional Practice Committee has a vested interest in matters related to the professional practice of Applied Behavior Analysis in New England.  The following message may be of interest to our members providing insurance-funded ABA services. Questions regarding BABAT’s professional practice committee may be directed to Brandon Herscovitch at


Subject: Changes to Adaptive Behavior Assessment and Treatment Codes Presented at February 2017 CPT Meeting 

As some providers may be aware, APBA, ABAI, Autism Speaks and the BACB have been collaborating for some time now in an effort to modify the existing Category III code set for Adaptive Behavior Analysis assessment and treatments.  These efforts have been two-fold, serving as an attempt to clarify the areas of confusion identified by providers within existing codes, as well as to request modification of the codes from Category III to Category I CPT codes.  In early February representatives from these organizations attended the CPT Editorial Panel meeting in New Orleans to present a code change proposal to the Panel, outlining these requested changes.

Results from the February meeting will be available for via the American Medical Association’s website:  Information related to any remaining Category III codes will be released in early July 2017. In the event any Category I codes are approved by the CPT Editorial Panel, they will be available in the 2019 CPT Code book, typically released in August of the preceding year (August 2018 in this case).  An updated CPT Assistant® article will also be available in the coming months to clarify any coding changes that may be approved.  Should you have any questions regarding this process, or the current ABA code set, please contact:

Jenna W. Minton, Esq.
Minton Healthcare Strategies
6069 Skyline Dr.
East Lansing, MI 48823

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