Like many within the behavior analytic community, the BABAT Board of Directors were disheartened to learn of the disparaging remarks made during the keynote address at CalABA’s recent conference. In response, the BABAT Board recently met and discussed how to support our members as well as the larger behavior analytic community. Before offering our response we would like to start by congratulating the CalABA board on putting together an outstanding regional conference for behavior analysts. Some of our own members attended the conference and shared how pleased they were with the event’s organization and offerings. We also would like to commend the CalABA board for their swift, responsible, and sensitive reactions and follow-up in response to the unexpected and upsetting comments.


The BABAT Board is encouraged by the local and national conversations that have emerged over the past week, as well as ABAI’s thoughtful reaction. As Massachusetts’ largest and longest standing professional organization for Behavior Analysts, BABAT is  proud of the diversity of our membership, and we value each member’s individual contributions regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their diversity.


As a community and as fellow members of this professional organization, it is important that we work together to create an environment of respect with the expectation that offensive comments or harassment of any kind are unethical and counter to our mission of supporting each other professionally.


The BABAT Board of Directors has agreed to the following measures:


  • Along with several other ABA professional organizations, BABAT will now be requiring conference and other event speakers to review and sign the applicable ethics codes and expectations for professional discourse prior to presenting to our membership.
  • We will be exploring these issues further in an upcoming ethics panel discussion at the BABAT Social and will be considering opportunities for further discourse at the 2018 BABAT Conference.
  • We will continue to engage in discussions with other behavior analytic professional organizations, our membership, and researchers specializing in this area to ensure we are creating and perpetuating an environment of respect for our members.


As always, our social media space can be used for thoughtful and respectful commentary on this or any other topic. BABAT members can also contact the Board of Directors directly through our website


The BABAT Board of Directors

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