BABAT is continually focused on monitoring developments for behavior analysts in Massachusetts. We are writing to inform you of an extremely exciting development!

As you might know, BABAT has been working diligently along-side MASSCAP and Mass ABA to urge the state to include ABA providers in Phase I vaccine development. In December, all three trade organizations submitted a joint statement to the Executive Office of Health and Human Services , highlighting the importance of including ABA providers in Phase 1 of vaccine distribution. We are excited to report to you that these efforts paid off.

Today, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services released a memo indicating “Home-based health care workers will start to receive the vaccine in the beginning of February.” The memo specifically states “Mental and behavioral health providers providing in-home treatment (e.g., ABA providers) are eligible for the vaccine. Please stay tuned for more developments as BABAT continues to advocate for Massachusetts Professionals in Behavior Analysis. 

Please click the link to read the recently released memo from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services: EOHHS_Vaccine Release

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