Have you heard about World Behavior Analysis Day? It’s March 20, 2021 – in just a few days! 

You have probably seen the information from the ABAI Affiliates email, but in case you haven’t, be sure to check out www.behavioranalysisday.com for tips on how you can celebrate. World Behavior Analysis Day is the brainchild of Elizabeth Drago of NYSABA and many people from different behavior analysis organizations participated on the launch team.

And don’t miss the world premiere of the first video commemorating World Behavior Analysis Day on March 20, 2021 at 12 noon EST: https://youtu.be/MSBeIJ68jZA. Until then, you’ll see the countdown clock until the premiere. Great thanks to Ryan Sain and Brad Bishop (from PsychCore) in particular for preparing the video.

For more information, check out: