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Nominations are being sought for the following elected offices: Clerk, Membership Director, Student Relations Director. Each position carries a three-year appointment, from March 2019-February 2022.

Directors enjoy full voting rights on all voting matters, contribute to decision making during all Board meetings, and may participate at their discretion in any BABAT committee (conference planning, membership, professional practice, newsletter, and student relations) under the direction of the designated Chair of the committee. Directors are required to attend all meetings of the Board and vote on issues electronically in between scheduled meetings.

The specific duties of each office are as follows:

Clerk. Maintain all required records such as minutes of meetings, membership rosters, and bylaws. Attend Board meetings and participate in special initiatives and projects as elected or assigned.

Membership Director. Coordinate communication with membership in the form of announcements, surveys, and social media. To recruit new members and maintain records of membership. To communicate concerns of members to the Board, particularly, advice for special projects and initiatives that meet their needs and the needs of the field at the time. Attend Board meetings and participate in special initiatives and projects as elected or assigned.

Student Relations Director. To maintain positive relations with regional colleges and universities offering coursework in applied behavior analysis and to promote active student involvement through recognition of student submissions to the annual conference and promoting participation in Board activities.

A Summary of Election Procedures

Our by-laws require elections be run every year; about 1/3 of offices are open for election each year. Announcement of vacancies and nomination for office begins at the annual conference and thereafter via electronic mailing to all members who are current members during the 4th quarter of every calendar year.

Only current, full members” can be elected to office (A full member is any person holding any of the following credentials: BCBA-D, BCBA, BCaBA, Licensed Applied Behavior Analyst in MA, Licensed Assistant Applied Behavior Analyst in MA).

Nominations may be completed by any current member. The nomination must include the current CV of the nominated individual. Self-nominations are acceptable. Multiple nominations will not affect selection as a candidate.

Nominations are due on or before January 25, 2019.

The BABAT President will form an election committee from members of the Board to coordinate the procedures, gather nominations, verify membership status of nominees, and select a slate of no more than three candidates form all nominees. Nominations will be reviewed without regard to number of nominations received.

After selected, candidates will be invited to submit a candidate’s statement which will be posted on-line, and all members will be invited to view statements and cast ballots.

Elections are held in early February 2019 through an on-line voting process announced to current BABAT members.

Nomination Form, Letter, or Email

A nomination may be made using a scanned version of the Nomination Package Form or as an email message that includes all the information in the attached form.

Nominations must submitted by email and be received by January 25, 2019.

Nominations should be submitted electronically to Stacie Bancroft, PhD, BCBA-D at



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