The BABAT Board of Directors is led by the elected President and Past President and includes the elected offices of Treasurer and Secretary and appointed Committee Chairs. There are also up to four special appointments (called “Member, Board of Directors”) approved by the Board.

The current members of the BABAT Board of Directors are listed below.

 President  Joseph Ricciardi, PsyD, ABPP, BCBA-D
 Past Presidents  N/A
 Treasurer  Elizabeth Martineau, EdS, MBA, BCBA
 Secretary  Tracey Toran, MS, BCBA
 Conference Chair  Rick Graff, PhD, BCBA-D
 Conference Co-Chair  Maureen Kelly, MSEd, BCBA
 Professional Practice Chair  Brandon Herscovitch, PhD, BCBA-D
 Membership Chair  Patrick Heick, PhD, BCBA-D
 Student Relations Chair  Judah Axe, PhD, BCBA-D
 Member-at-Large, Greater Boston  Empty
 Member-at-Large, Central and Western MA  Amanda Karsten, PhD, BCBA-D
 Special Appointment to the Board  Gordon Defalco, PhD, BCBA-D