To support research using behavior analysis concepts and principles to promote sustainable practices/environmentally friendly behavior change. Any applied, basic, or translational study to be conducted with a primary goal of increasing understanding of human behavior and environmental preservation/enhancement is eligible for consideration. 



Duration of Project:

Maximum 1 year from time of award


Any BABAT member may apply

Application Process:

The proposal must included:
  1. Brief introduction the purpose/importance of the project and related research
  2. Outline of the method that includes participants, setting(s), materials, procedures, and how the project will be evaluated; and
  3. A statement committing to present results of the project at future BABAT conference.

An application form that can be completed and submitted online can be found below.

Application deadline:

December 15, 2016

Selection of Awardee:

BABAT Board of Directors (or committee appointed by the BOD) will review applications and select the recipient.

Duration of Project:

Maximum 1 year from time of award

Suggested Readings/Resources:

Potential applicants may find ideas and inspiration from the following, which can be downloaded from BABAT’s website:

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