Election for Member-at-Large Nominations


Below are bios and statements of interest for three individuals who are being considered for two available ‘Member-at-Large’ director positions on the BABAT board.  Bios and statements are presented in alphabetical order by the nominee’s last name.




Helena Maguire serves as the Executive Director of Melmark New England, a service division of Melmark, Inc., with an operating budget of over $32M. In this role, Maguire, a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, oversees the development and implementation of programs and services, as well as the daily operations for Melmark New England. She develops strategic objectives for the Massachusetts division, and provides leadership to Melmark’s highly skilled staff to assure the achievement of these objectives. Maguire supports the CEO and Board of Directors through various committees and activities and assumes responsibility for policy development, quality assurance, risk management, regulatory compliance, fiscal integrity, and excellence in care and delivery of all of Melmark’s mission-first services.

In addition to her day-to-day work overseeing Melmark New England’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services, which include school-based and residential care, adult day and residential services, school and home-based consultation, professional development, graduate training programs and after school services, Maguire is also the primary liaison with state advocacy groups. Among those advocacy and legislative resources are: Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (MAAPS), Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP), Massachusetts Interagency Commission on Restraint and Seclusion and Massachusetts Association of Applied Behavior Analysis (MassABA).

Maguire also writes curriculum for and leads conferences and trainings designed to improve the quality of ABA services, not only at Melmark’s service divisions in New England, Pennsylvania and the Carolinas, but also for providers throughout the field. She has led and participated in Melmark’s Expert Speaker Series, presented at professional conferences across the country, conducted research to improve services and to advance the Melmark Model of Program Development and Clinical Treatment, and designed and led diversity seminars for internal and external audiences. Maguire has presented numerous papers on staff management and staff training techniques, both at the local level and at the national level, and is an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College and the University of Massachusetts-Boston. She also instructs a six-course graduate series on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Maguire’s professional experience includes extensive work in the field of community based human service delivery systems in Massachusetts. Her clinical expertise and interests range from staff training and supervision issues at the practitioner and organizational levels, organizational systems integrity, as well as the treatment of severe behavior challenges and working with parents, siblings and family groups to improve the lives of their loved ones.

Previously, she has served as a Program Director at Vinfen Corporation and as the Director of Adult Services at the May Institute. In both of these positions, Maguire was responsible for the development and implementation of the staff orientation training curriculum, training for supervisory personnel and in-service training for all staff. 

Earning her Master of Science in Human Services Administration degree from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Maguire received her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA) in May 2002.


I am excited for the opportunity to serve on BABAT’s Board as a Member at Large.  As our field grows rapidly with the highest number of behavior analysts in the workforce currently, the need to ensure we can meet the demands of new practitioners in the many service settings is crucially important. The need to work together to provide for and address the needs of behavior analysts and stakeholders is essential in our quest for ensure the highest fidelity of treatment and application of our science.

My professional experiences in many leadership roles and organizational systems development has prepared me well, if elected to this role. Specific focuses have emphasized the training and development of many new professionals in the field of ABA.  Their growth in both the technical aspects of ABA, as well as the ability to build cohesive, positive and collaborative systems with all their stakeholders is essential part of the training and supervision process.  I have had the opportunity to develop many behavior analysts both through career development as well as through instructing them in their graduate coursework. The ability to provide ongoing support, supervision and advanced development of practitioners will remain a dedicated focus of my professional career. As a member at large of the board, I would love the opportunity to continue promoting all of these interests in our professional organization.





I am a new Assistant Professor and VCS Coordinator in Salve Regina University’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program in Rhode Island and have recently joined BABAT as a full member. Because I am new to New England, I am seeking opportunities to stay connected and contribute to the field of behavior analysis beyond my university and I believe that working with BABAT’s Board of Directors would be an excellent way to do so. 

As a graduate of Western Michigan University, I am accustomed to collaborating with many behavior analysts and seeking opportunities to serve our field. For example, while at WMU I served as President of the Behavior Analysis Graduate Student Organization where I worked with fellow students and faculty to develop supplemental resources and opportunities to add to the already excellent education being provided to graduate students. Also, during that time I served as the Chair of the Behavior Analysis and Technology SIG through ABAI where I helped evaluate the utility of the BA Tech SIG’s practices and adapt to better meet the needs of its constituents.

Because I am currently the only BCBA(-D) faculty member at the only program with an approved VCS in Rhode Island, I feel that I have an obligation to not only the university, but to the entire state. One of my main goals is to help Rhode Island behavior analysts connect as a community within the state and to New England. I believe that serving BABAT will give me the opportunity to advocate for behavior analysts in Rhode Island and serve as a bridge to connect Rhode Islanders to the behavior analysis community of New England.

If elected to serve BABAT, I will bring an eagerness to collaborate with other behavior analysts and willingness to devote time and energy to the cause. I have a strong and established skillset with computer technology that has benefited most work groups and committees that I have served on. I will also bring the experience of a clinician with a wide variety of experiences as much of my clinical work has taken place outside of traditional ABA clinic settings.


Cody Morris, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA




Jorge Reyes is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Westfield State University, and serves as the director of the Master’s program in Applied Behavior Analysis.  He received his Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 2000 and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 2008.  His primary area of research has focused on behavioral approaches to the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities.  He was the recipient of the American Psychological Association Division 25 Dissertation Award for Applied Behavior Analysis in 2009.  He has served on the editorial board for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and has served on the editorial board or as a guest editor for Behavior Analysis in Practice, The Behavior Analyst, and the Analysis of Verbal Behavior. 


I attended my first BABAT in 2008 after having just started my faculty position at Westfield State University.   I was immediately impressed with the number, quality, and the diversity of the presentations.  I think it’s generally rare to find a regional conference in which basic research and philosophical issues are well represented in the program.  I have been fortunate to serve on the BABAT board of directors as a member-at-large during the past 2 years.  My primary responsibilities have been to serve as the chair of the professional recognition committee, which manages the advertising and submissions for the Jerry Shook practitioner award and the Behavior Change for a Sustainable World award.  During my current term, I believe that I have contributed to the growth and development of the organization.  I truly believe that BABAT is one of our most important organizations, and I would love the opportunity to continue in my current role. 


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Voting for Full Members will start on Feb 7th and will close on Feb 29th.  Check your email for a ballot.

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